The University of Ghana Bookshop which has been in business for over 50 years has now been given an ultra modern facelift by Kingdom Books and Stationery Ltd making it the number one bookshop in Ghana today. Kingdom Books and Stationery Ltd took over the operations of the Bookshop in October 2015 and has since been serving the University community and its environs with quality but affordable products.


With over 40 years experience in the industry we stock a wide  range of products which include stationery, office essentials and furniture. We now stock a wide variety of books ranging from pre-School, Primary , JHS, SHS and Tertiary level as well as motivational books at affordable prices.


 In order to serve our clients better ,Kingdom Books and Stationery has established a relationship with various publishing houses the world over including  the United Kingdom, United States of America , India and Australia to source books that  students need to complete their courses in their respective fields.


In addition , we also provides a 30-day credit facility to clients as well as free delivery services in and around Accra.


The opening of this bookshop brings to 8 branches being run by Kingdom Books, Three (3) out of which are Ultra-Modern; that is, the Head Office Branch, This Newly Refurbished Branch, and soon to be opened 5-Storey Branch at Tema. As part of our drive to make quality educational materials readily available to students and the entire country, Kingdom Books and Stationery now operates the bookshops on The University of Science and Technology Campus as well as University of Cape Coast.

Next to Balme Library.

PMB LG1, Legon, Accra

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